About Us

Seventy-Two 08 is compiled with love, life, fashion, and quality services. Seventy-Two 08 was birthed by sisters Danielle Jessie & Neosha Brown-Abubakari in 2013. The pair began crafting in high school making handbags, pajamas, and other crafts under the instruction of their grandmother, Geraldine Costello, a self-made seamstress of over 40 years. They turned their play into passion by creating handmade items and doing so in honor of their mother, the late Tanisha D. Costello. The sisters recently opened their first of many storefronts located at 207 Stonewall Ave. in Dawson Ga.

The name of their establishment is inspired from the year that their mother was born, in 1972 and the year she passed away in 2008, at the young age of 36. It was in August of 2007 where their mother disclosed the news, that she had cancer. At time Tanisha was a single mother of three, working three jobs, when she found out that she had stage 3 cancer. It was devastating for the entire family. Their mother left behind three teenagers, Donald and Danielle Jessie who was still in high school and Neosha who a sophomore in college at the time of her demise which was only a year after she announced the news to her children. It was at a young age where the siblings would learn to have resilience and to stick together in order to persevere through losing their mother, and the challenges that were to follow.

With the strength and determination from their mother, and talent from their grandmother, local self-made seamstress, Geraldine Costello, who created her own sewing business over 40 years ago, the sisters began sewing while in school with the help and guidance of their grandmother. Creating handbags, pajamas, and dolls by hand, this would be the beginning of their career. Following high school the sisters added handmade jewelry and hair-bows to their list of creations to sell locally. On 10.31.2021, the 13th anniversary of their mother’s passing the family celebrated their grand opening at their First location, 207 Stonewall Ave, in Dawson Ga. Seventy-Two 08 provides embroidery, alterations, custom clothing, personalization’s, jewelry and much more!


It was Geraldine that eyed the  same building for years, and now have the opportunity to fulfill her own dreams to create her own designs and pursue sewing at this location. “Do what you love and the blessings will follow.” said Geraldine. 

The family wishes to spread only love and joy through their creations and work. They wish to empower families to learn from one another, grow, and pursue their individual passion through crafting.

“I love creating things. I want to be able to create a route for other entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and create their business in order to follow their dreams and succeed. I don’t want them to have fear or worry about the support at the time, because it will come. Through my designs, I want people to be able to see their beauty and spread beauty,” said Danielle.  

“When my mom was sick, she called me to tell me to make sure that my siblings are taken care of…at 18, I didn’t understand entirely what it meant at the time until after she passed away. I didn’t know or believe that cancer would take her away from us, so soon. As a family, we have our differences and spats, but we never depart without saying, “Later, love you” which is what my mom instilled in us and is also engraved on my mom’s grave.” My wish for others is to continue to persevere, always have fun, and spread love and happiness in all that you do, and fully step into your power. Everyone has an individual purpose to fulfill, and with the love and support from your family, you can be who you are meant to be.  

Their motto is “Branded With Life” and everything that they do and create is a Family Affair.

From their family to families across the nation they are Branded with Life, and spreading love one family at a time.

To stay connected with Seventy-Two 08 you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram @seventy-two08, and shop locally at 207 Stonewall Ave. SE. Monday -Friday 10-5 PM and Saturdays from 10-3 PM.