Remedy Healing Bracelet Blended Set

Remedy Healing Bracelet Blended Set

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The cure is in the Remedy.

2022 is the year of living your dream and the Remedy connects you to the best version of your self.

The Remedy was created to connect you to your best self. Are you ready for the cure? Here’s your doctors order created with Dalmatian jasper, black tourmaline, amazonite, and onyx.

Dalmatian Jasper is used to see the beauty in moving forward, staying calm, and positive. It is also used to promote balance, happiness, release of hurt and anger, grounding

Onyx is used to inspire personal power, self-control, mental-strength, and remove bad habits.

Amazonite promotes changes in your life’s perspectives and clear away doubts, fears, and lack of confidence. Amazonite also controls aggression and turns it into calm responses bringing the best outcomes.

Black tourmaline is used for protection, and for you to see the beauty in your differences, become one with self, and remain calm during stressful times. Also, used to recognize the truest version of yourself.

Remedy, symbolizes happiness, protection, calmness, truth, creativity, harmony, faith, positivity, and balance.

The information here is not meant to replace your doctor's advice, but to complement your healing.

Purchase include 1 bracelet