Sovereign Waistbeads

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All waist beads are made for intentional healing purposes. Waistbeads promotes confidence, self-love, empowerment, healing, weight loss and more. The crystals and beads in each piece holds energy that the wearer benefits from depending on their specific intentions.

If you are wearing for the intentions of spiritual healing intentional purposes, cleansing with sage, and stating/visualizing your intentions is recommended before wearing.

Our waist beads are made with semi-precious, precious gemstones, and glass or acrylic accent beads. Waist beads with a clasp are made using non-stretch beading nylon for long-lasting wear. They can be worn over a long period of time with the option to remove. Our permanent tie-on waist beads are made with durable nylon beading thread, and can only be removed by cutting the string. Waist beads size options varies between 25-63 inches long. When sizing, please add 1-2 inches to make room for things like sitting or potential bloat after eating. I also offer adjustable extender chains to add to your waist bead set if you would the option. If you need a size that is not listed, please add it in the notes. 

*Colors may vary on different computer monitors and in different lighting conditions

*Stone sizes and color may vary


1. Measure the part of your waist where you want the beads to rest.
2. Measure yourself in an upright position, against your bare skin using a tape measure, fitting snugly without digging into your skin.
3. Record the number where the tape ends meet.

If you do not see your waist size in the options, please send me a message and it will be added!
Please allow a 2-3cm difference in final measurements.

Love + Light